SOPLAST EXPORT always maintains its own structure in a very high rank of efficiency thanks to its setting-up and its machines in the avant-garde and a technology constantly up to date.
The company always put the quality of the product in the base of its own policy.
The company has among others a laboratory of quality control which assures in a global way a service of certification of all the products according to the quality standard UNITED IN ISO 9 001 2000 for the development, the production and the sale of compound thermoplastic.
The quality control SOPLAST EXPORT develops in various phases:

  • examination for the acceptance of raw materials – check computerized by the formulations of granules to protect in the time the stability from it of the characteristics in the finished product
  • control of the product during the work to verify in a sure way that it corresponds to the request.
  • Validation in phase of delivery.

A sample marked with the product is preserved and it stays in measure of the customer for every following possible check.
Always in the perspective to satisfy the needs of her clientele and give them the colour of compound exact which they need SOPLAST EXPORT was equipped with a spectrophotometer and with software of colorimeter, with tools allowing her to manage to countertype the colour wished by the customer.